Free Intro Class!

Want to come and try us out? We offer a FREE trial session Wednesdays at 6:30pm and Saturdays at 9am!

If you would like to try CrossFit but are worried that it may be too intense or not right for you, please come in and give it a try! All of our workouts can be modified for ANY individual!

$50 for the First Month

Not sure if CrossFit is for you? Come try it for only $50 for your first month! This includes our comprehensive Skills Program as well as two weeks of regular CrossFit!

Extraordinary coaching & Supportive community

Come reach your fitness goals with a fun, safe, and supportive community.

We at Flatirons CrossFit believe that even though you may not be a professional athlete, you deserve to be treated like one! Our members get to learn from our highly qualified coaching staff, have access to our specialty programs at no additional charge, and succeed with the support of our truly amazing community. Come learn, grow, and become a healthier, fitter, and happier version of yourself.

Why Flatirons CrossFit

Your success in safely reaching your goals is our top priority. Our high standard of excellence has been producing champions in sports such as Rowing, Weightlifing, and CrossFit since 2007. Our facility has Boulder’s only full-time Olympic Weightlifting facility that’s separate from the CrossFit training space and is free to our members.

We are dedicated to building healthier, happier, fitter people.

Getting Started

New to CrossFit

If you’re looking to try CrossFit for the first time, Flatirons CrossFit is an excellent place to start. Try us with no commitment for only $50 and receive two weeks of Skills training and two weeks of regular classes.

Experienced CrossFitter

Looking for a new Box? We believe that an enjoyable experience starts with finding the right gym and the right community. Take advantage of our free trial offer and join us for a week of unlimited access to find out if Boulder’s Flatirons CrossFit is right for you.

Drop In

Train at another affiliate or are visiting from out of town? Stop by for a workout or to take advantage of coaching from our qualified Olympic weightlifting coaches.


Interested in CrossFit, but think you’re not quite ready for a regular class? Check out our Bootcamps! These six week long courses ease you into training and educate you on nutrition, movement, and mobility!

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